Kugler Estate Analyzer™
  • Kugler Estate Analyzer™ (Desktop App)

    The Kugler Estate Analyzer is a comprehensive estate planning program using a building block approach. Estate planning techniques may be stacked on top of each other to show the incremental effect of each technique.

    • Pertinent Information recaps the relevant information about the client’s assets.
    • Goals & Objectives explain why each technique is being considered.
    • Proposed Arrangement describes how to implement each technique being illustrated.
    • Results and Benefits illustrate the benefits of implementing the planner’s recommendations.
    • Flowcharts are used to demonstrate the impact of the technique on the client’s overall financial picture. Since the planning techniques are integrated, the flowcharts reflect the combined effect of the techniques.  You can easily demonstrate to the client the benefits of each planning technique.
    • Summary of Planning Results clearly and concisely illustrate the benefits of utilizing the estate plan.


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Kugler Estate Analyzer™ is $495 for a single initial license, including twelve months of coverage (updates sent as released based on tax law changes). Future annual renewal coverage is $253 for a single license.

A current desktop version of Windows is required.

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Sample Report

Sample Report

Screen Shots

Kugler Estate AnalyzerKugler Estate AnalyzerKugler Estate AnalyzerKugler Estate AnalyzerKugler Estate Analyzer

Version History

Version 2024.00 (Released 02/20/2024)

  • Updated for the 2024 Estate Tax Exclusion ($13,610,000)
  • Updated for the 2024 §2032A Special Use Valuation ($1,390,000)
  • Updated for the 2024 Annual Exclusion Gift Amount ($18,000)
  • Added a new Asset type: Nontaxable Asset. This asset type is not included in the estate. These assets are currently not available to fund a technique.
  • Probate expenses at second death: the expense was not correct when Life Insurance Trsuts were considered for the second to die in the analysis.
  • Charitable Deduction for First Death - on the assumptions screen, the deduction was not being applied correctly to the first taxable estate.
  • Both Spouses Die Today report, Additional Details option - the amount shown at second death inherited from the first death needed to be modified.  The total shown at time of second death was correct.
  • Liquidations of estate taxes at first death - ther report that illustrates that both spouses die today reduced the amount going to the heirs by the estate tax, whereas the flowcharts after this used the liquidation order. These flowcharts now use the same procedure, reducing the amount to heirs at first death by the estate tax.
  • Beneficiary Allocation report - if no techniques were added to the analysis, the report would not print if selected as an option. Now, if selected, it will print out for every technique, as well as scenarios where no techniques have been implemented.

Version 2023.00 (Released 12/21/2022)

  • Updated for the 2023 Estate Tax Exclusion ($12,920,000)
  • Updated for the 2023 §2032A Special Use Valuation ($1,310,000)
  • Updated for the 2023 Annual Exclusion Gift Amount ($17,000)
  • Annual Exclusion Model: the computer icon to use the maximum  allowable annual exclusion used for the gift will now only show when the value entered does not match the allowable maximum (prior versions, it showed all the time).


Version 2022.10 (Released 05/28/2022)

  • Mortality Table 2010CM included.  This impacts QPRT, GRAT, CRAT, CRUT, CLAT, CRUT as IRA Beneficiary. Transition rules allow for use of table 2000CM or 2010CM from January 1, 2021 through the effective date of 2010CM.  The first of the month following the effective date, you must use table 2010CM.  Program allows for the user to select between the two tables for 2021 and 2022.

Version 2022.00 (Released 01/24/2022)

  • New Feature: Report Options.  You can select between Standard Flowchart or Detailed Flowchart.  Detailed Flowchart is a new feature that illustrates the flowchart with component values for each box.
  • New Feature: Calculation Assumptions.  Growth Rates for ILIT after First Death, and Assets left to Nonspouse.
  • New Feature: CRUT.  An Economic Schedule has been added to the printed reports.
  • New feature: added a link to create a technical support ticket under the "Help" menu.
  • New Feature: Summary of Planning Results.  Added two items at First Death with projections for ILIT and Assets left to Nonspouse.
  • New Technique: Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT).
  • New Technique: Added CRUT as IRA Beneficiary.
  • Updated for 2022 adjustments (Estate Tax Exclusion, Special Use Valuation, etc).
  • Modification: Calculation Assumption.  Input for Charitable Bequest, at time of first death, was being treated only as a deduction, and did not modify the first estate accordingly.
  • Modification: Flowcharts.  The Box with Settlement costs, with a prior Gift tax calculated, it was only displaying the gift tax attributed to that technique, instead of a sum up to that technique.

Version 2021.00 (Released 02/26/2021)

  • §1.401(a)(9) table updated to reflect changes for 2022+ (RMDs).
  • Estate Tax library calculations have been updated for 2021.
  • AFR: the popup form that shows the historical AFR and §7520 rates now has 2 buttons that appear.  One is for manually downloading the AFR file, and the other is a FAQ regarding AFR topics.
  • New Release Information: a new link can be found under the "Help" menu.  This new feature pulls up a list of items that have changed for the given version.  By default, the program will load this screen when you run the program.  You can turn this off by unchecking a box near the bottom of the form.
  • AFR: Edit Menu - a new section has been added to help with AFR issues.
  • Modified the Summary report to illustrate charitable bequests from the Calculation Assumptions screen.
  • Calculation Assumptions screen: when prior taxable gifts were entered, it was assumed that the Deceased Spousal Unused Exclusion was based on the Prior Adjustable Gifts always utilizing the maximum Unified Credit allowed.  This is the case for most case analyses, but the program now adjusts the DSUE based on the taxable gifts in line with the Unified Credit entered on this screen.
  • Analysis of Taxes at Death Report - a few additional result entries have been added to show the flow of taxes.
  • The Open and Save icons on the speed bar were disconnected.  The user had to use the "File" menu or F2/F3 in order to use those functions.  This has been resolved.

Version 2020.01 (Released 09/03/2020)

  • The Current Will and Asset Arrangement report did not include inheritance tax calculations for inheritance class states.  The reports after this did include the inheritance tax computations.

Version 2020.00 (Released 02/04/2020)

  • RMD calculations have been updated for SECURE Act 2019
  • Installation - a file association has been set for the program.
  • Income and Estate Tax adjustments for 2020
  • Alert system in place when a new version has been released
  • Brentmark News Channel added.
  • Bug - when a file is generated with a "Married" client when you switch to "Single," there was an issue of an asset that was under the 'Married' that showed up under a 'Single' Asset list analysis (notably, a second to die insurance).  This was a display issue only, not a calculation issue.
  • Several other minor issues were resolved.




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