• Two of our most popular programs have merged to create the new Estate and Charitable Planner LIVE.  This new web application has all 110+ models from our popular Estate Planning Tools desktop program combined with the entire catalog of models from Charitable Financial Planner.  In addition, three SECURE Act strategies have been added under the Retirement category! This product now contains 120+ models!  Even more exciting, this new product has an introductory price of $495 for a single initial license that includes six months of maintenance coverage. Future annual renewal coverage is only $295 for a single license.  

    Requirements:  It is recommendeded to have the latest version of your modern browser installed.  You will need to have your browser settings adjusted to allow popups and cookies.  When purchased, instructions to modify your browser settings (if needed) can be found on your dashboard next to where you launch the application.

    For multiple licenses or enterprise licensing, please call 803-781-9595.


    • Run the entire catalog of models in any operating system (Mac or Windows).
    • Most popular modern browsers are supported (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari).
    • Application also runs on most mobile devices (iOS, Android).
    • Gift Annuity model has been updated to reflect new effective rates for 7/1/2020.
    • Never worry if you are running the current version! Seamless online updates.







    This program is delivered online via the web.  There are no updates to chase.  All updates are automatically made to the server.  You will always be using the most recent published version.

    The Charitable Financial Planner LIVE is another tool to aid in complex planned giving calculations.  It includes illustrations of capital gains tax savings and income tax deductions.

    All of the models from the desktop version are available, as well as 3 SECURE Act strategies!

    The program generates high-quality reports and full color 3D graphs that analyze and compare the different models.


  • Estate Planning Tools is the nation’s most extensive state planning software for estate planning attorneys, bankers, financial planners and advisors. With over 110 dynamic planning models in 15 different areas, Estate Planning Tools contains all the calculations necessary for you to advise your clients on how to fulfill their goals and determine which options will work best for the future of their clients with the utmost of confidence. Through our detailed, yet versatile cutting-edge calculators, Estate Planning Tools offers flexible solutions to any firm, regardless of size.

  • The Kugler Estate Analyzer is a comprehensive estate planning program using a building block approach. Estate planning techniques may be stacked on top of each other to show the incremental effect of each technique.

    • Pertinent Information recaps the relevant information about the client’s assets.
    • Goals & Objectives explains why each technique is being considered.
    • Proposed Arrangement describes how to implement each technique being illustrated.
    • Results and Benefits illustrate the benefits of implementing the planner’s recommendations.
    • Flowcharts are used to demonstrate the impact of the technique on the client’s overall financial picture. Since the planning techniques are integrated, the flowcharts reflect the combined effect of the techniques.  You can easily demonstrate to the client the benefits of each planning technique.
    • Summary of Planning Results clearly and concisely illustrate the benefits of utilizing the estate plan.
  • Estate Planning QuickView compares eight major disposition plans for each spouse. QuickView finds in seconds which estate planning strategy provides the best financial fit for a client and their family. Use this program to significantly reduce the time needed to analyze multiple disposition plans.

    Customizable flowcharts, graphs, and summaries are all presented for the client.

  • Charitable Financial Planner LIVE 2020.20 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

    Charitable Financial Planner 2020.20 (Desktop) is available.  These are separate programs. Contact us for further details.


    The Charitable Financial Planner is another tool to aid in complex planned giving calculations. It includes illustrations of capital gains tax savings and income tax deductions.

    The program generates high-quality reports and full color 3D graphs that compare the different models.