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    The Retirement Distributions Planner is now available in both a desktop application or our new LIVE online single user/enterprise formats.  Both versions have been updated to reflect changes made by the SECURE ACT.


    This program calculates required minimum distributions under the SECURE ACT, as well as 2002 final regulations (as well as the 2001 proposed regs and the pre-2001 rules) from qualified plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs


Version History

Version 2020.11 (Released 10/30/2020)

  • Fixes minor bug when 'Amortize' is selected for the 10 Year Payout under the SECURE Act.  The fund was fully distributed, as expected in year 10, but the schedule was not correctly distributing equal payments with growth.

Version 2020.10 (Released 04/15/2020)

  • Updated to handle CARES Act of 2020.  An input was added to the Assumptions to skip the RMD for 2020 or to calculate it.
  • Modified user input to allow for full birthdates of Nonspouse Heirs.  This was necessary because SECURE Act stipulates that a beneficiary can be exempt if they are 10 years or younger than the plan owner
  • Optimized the retrieval of the AFR file from the Brentmark server
  • Changes were made to the installation software packaging to help with uninstall issues.

Version 2020.02 (Released 03/23/2020)

  • Fixed bug where if the plan owner dies prior to 2020, and the beneficiary (non spouse, or spouse that does not rollover) dies before 2020.
  • Fixed bug where plan owner dies before Required Beginning Date, and Spouse is beneficiary, but does not rollover, and dies after the plan owner's Required Beginning Date.

Version 2020.01 (Released 01/24/2020)

  • Bug fix - when 'Assumed Death Occurs' is not checked for the beneficiary, it always forced a 10 year payout regardless of the beneficiary exempt status.

Version 2020.00 (Released 01/23/2020)

  • Updated for the SECURE Act of 2019
  • All non spouse beneficiaries have additional inputs, such as Disabled, Legal Minor Child to determine exempt status
  • On the Assumptions screen, you can choose to have the 10 year payout in lump sum at end of the 10 years, or have it paid out each year by amortization.
  • Added Brentmark News Channel
  • Modified the feature that searches files for clients that are about to turn 70.5 to 72.
  • New desktop icon
  • New software used for packaging installations
  • EV Certificate used to sign installs/executable.







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Retirement Distributions Planner is priced at $199 for a single initial license, including six months of coverage (updates sent as released based on tax law changes). Future annual renewal coverage is $82 for a single license.

A current desktop version of Windows is required.

We guarantee your satisfaction with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For multiple licenses or enterprise licensing, please call 803-781-9595.