• Changes were implemented for IRS Proposed Regulations regarding Required Minimum Distributions on 5/27/2022!


    ** §1.401(a)(9) TABLE UPDATED FOR 2022+   |   ** SECURE ACT UPDATES INCLUDED!  **


    Retirement Distributions LIVE (RDL) is a web application that calculates the required minimum distributions (RMDs) for several qualified plan types, such as:

    • Conventional IRAs
    • Roth IRAs

    Retirement Distributions LIVE (RDL) includes seven models illustrating RMDs and SEPP calculations. The current models are based on different scenarios, such as during the owner's lifetime, spousal rollover, non-spousal beneficiaries. The application inputs allow for contribution streams to the qualified plan, as well as additional distribution options outside of the RMD calculations. The program generates high-quality data-driven reports and has been updated to reflect the changes to §1.401(a)(9) that went into effect 01/01/2022.

  • Changes have been implemented for IRS Proposed Regulations regarding Required Minimum Distributions - version 2022.20 (7/12/2022)


    ** CHANGES for IRS Proposed Regulations 2022 INCLUDED! **

    ** CHANGES for IRS Notice 2022-6 EFFECTIVE 1/18/2022 INCLUDED! **

    ** CHANGES TO §1.401(a)(9) TABLES EFFECTIVE 1/1/2022 INCLUDED! **


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    Retirement Plan Analyzer is priced at $595 for a single initial license, including twelve months of coverage (updates sent as released based on tax law changes). Future annual renewal coverage is $195 for a single license.

    A current desktop version of Windows is required.

    We guarantee your satisfaction with a 30-day money back guarantee.

    For multiple licenses or enterprise licensing, please call 803-781-9595.


  • Changes have been implemented for IRS Proposed Regulations regarding Required Minimum Distributions in version 2022.20 (6/21/2022)


    Brentmark's Retirement Distribution Planner (RDP) (Desktop) is a detailed and robust program that calculates the required minimum distributions for several qualified plan types, such as IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), Roth 401(k), with some key features:


    • Contribution streams for the plan type selected, along with the ability to choose the maximum allowed in the current year.
    • Distribution streams that can be used to pay for expenses incurred from the plan. In the years an RMD would be calculated, the program determines if the distribution entered satisfies the required amount.
    • Less than 5% Owner of a company allows the plan owner to defer RMDs until after they retire.
    • Pre-59.5 Distribution calculations also include the option to use the Amortization, Annuitization, or Minimum Distribution methods.
    • Ability to illustrate inherited plans, including spousal rollover and non-spousal beneficiaries.
    • Ability to select between the beginning or end of the year for distributions.
    • Updated for SECURE Act of 2019
    • Updated for CARES Act of 2020
    • Updated for changes to §1.401(a)(9) that go in effect 1/1/2022
    • Updated for IRS Notice 2022-6 (SEPPs) dated 1/18/2022

    The Retirement Distributions Planner is now available in both a desktop application or our new LIVE online single user/enterprise formats.  Both versions have been updated to reflect changes made by the SECURE ACT.


    ULTIMATE IRA GUIDE: A Compilation of IRA Guides for 2022

    by: Denise Appleby, CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA


    NEW FOR 2022

    ** Updated for The CARES Act **

    ** Updated for The SECURE Act **

    • Charts and tables that summarize the IRA rules in an easy to understand and user-friendly manner.
    • Frequently asked questions and clearly written responses.
    • Rollover and transfer rules for retirement accounts.
    • IRA Beneficiary distribution options.

    ** PLEASE NOTE: This file will be delivered to you as a link to download the .pdf file.  There is no physical book to be delivered. **

  • Brentmark Presents: Denise Appleby, MJ, CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA

    10 Key Rules for Mastering the SEPP Exception to the 10% Early Distribution Penalty for IRAs and Employer Plans Based on IRS Guidance Published in 2022.



    The IRS recently issued Notice 2022-06, in which they provide guidance on distributions made under a substantially equal periodic payment (SEPP) program. Distributions taken under a SEPP program are exempt from the 10% early distribution penalty that applies to early distributions from IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans. Notice 2022-06 applies to SEPP payments that commence on or after January 1, 2023, and may also be applied to those that commence in 2022. Notice 2022-06 restates some of the existing SEPP rules and explains what has changed. This booklet covers the 10 key elements of Notice 2022-06.


    The Purpose of SEPPs

    Distributions taken from an IRA or account under an employer-sponsored retirement plan (employer plan) before the owner of the account (account owner) reaches age 59 ½ (early distributions) are subject to a 10% additional tax (early distribution penalty) unless an exception applies. The purpose of a SEPP program is for distributions taken under the program to qualify for an exception to this early distribution penalty.