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    The IRS has waived the 50% penalty for missed RMDs for 2021/2022, for those who inherited IRAs 2020+, and were subject to a distribution under the 10 year rule.  IRS Notice 2022-53

    Changes have been implemented for IRS Proposed Regulations regarding Required Minimum Distributions - version 2022.20 (7/12/2022)


    ** CHANGES for IRS Proposed Regulations 2022 INCLUDED! **

    ** CHANGES for IRS Notice 2022-6 EFFECTIVE 1/18/2022 INCLUDED! **

    ** CHANGES TO §1.401(a)(9) TABLES EFFECTIVE 1/1/2022 INCLUDED! **


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Retirement Plan Analyzer allows you to compare various evaluation strategies of taking distributions via:

  • Traditional IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • 401(k)
  • Roth 401(k)

(RPA) Retirement Plan Analyzer (Desktop) also includes optimization algorithms & customizable modifications:

  • 0-100% Conversion In a Single Year
  • Spread Over Years

Comparison & Evaluation Strategies:

  • Roth IRAs To Traditional IRAs
  • Many More

Features also include:

  • Estate Tax 
  • The SECURE Act
  • The CARES Act
  • Income Inflation Adjustments
  • State Death Tax Manager


Screen Shots

RPA Main Screen   Alternatives Run 4 at the same time   Taxes AGI Method   Taxes Entered Rates   Estate Tax   Conversions - Different ways to enter   Conversion Optimization   Add Income, Expenses, Distributions or Contributions   Donee Gifts   Income, Expense, Contribution, Distribution input   Lots of Reports to choose from   2nd set of reports (out of 4)

Version History

Version 2022.20 (Released 07/12/2022)

    • Updated for the proposed Required Minimum Distribution changes from the Treasury department from 2/2022.
    • Added a Notes section to the Client Information screen.

Version 2022.10 (Released 03/07/2022)

    • Updated the Pre-59½ calculations required for IRS Notice 2022-6, dated 1/18/2022.
    • Fixed a bug where the plan owner died prior to 2020, and a non spousal inheritor is illustrated to die in 2020+.
    • Estate Tax adjustments, including 2022 exclusion for DC.
    • Print to File: Excel feature.  When using this feature and the report spans several pages, prior versions would cause Excel to report an error when opened. Pages beyond the first page were not converted over due to the error. A temporary solution has been implemented to force all report data on the first worksheet.

Version 2022.00 (Released 01/10/2022)

    • Income Tax Adjustments for 2022 are included.
    • Estate Tax Adjustments for 2022 are included.
    • State Death Tax Manager updated for 2022 for states NY, RI, ME, and IA.  Iowa was also updated to reflect changes for 2023-2025.
    • Submit Technical Support button added to allow for easy and quick technical support within the program.
    • Release Notes feature added under the Help menu. 
    • Maximum Contribution Limits for 2022 are included. 
    • Bug fix: when illustrating an inherited IRA where the plan owner dies in 2020+, and the First Year of the Analysis is set to at least two years beyond the death year, the ten year counter for non-exempt beneficiaries was not being offset to accomodate the First Year of the Analysis.
    • UI/UX Experience: Several minor cosmetic changes were made to the program to enhance the user experience (boldness, font consistency, etc.).

§1.401(a)(9) Table:  This table was updated to reflect the changes for 2022+ in version 2021.00. This includes the redetermination calculation for non-spousal beneficiaries during the transition time (if they are inheritors in 2021 or before - it will recalculate in 2022).


Version 2021.00 (Released 03/26/2021)

§1.401(a)(9) Table:  This table has been updated to reflect the changes for 2022+. This includes the redetermination calculation for non-spousal beneficiaries during the transition time (if they are inheritors in 2021 or before - it will recalculate in 2022).

    • Income Tax Adjustments for 2021 are now included.
    • Estate Tax Adjustments for 2021 have also been included.
    • View Reports and Graphs Window: The Recommended Reports have been updated to include several commonly used reports.
    • Print Window: The tab selection now includes the Recommended Reports tab, which displays the same report suggestions from the View Reports and Graphs window.
    • Case Analyzer Window:  The beneficiary information only contained the Birth Year for each beneficiary. It now matches the same input structure (full birthdate) in the Client Inputs section of the program. 
    • Quick Client Input Screen:  Using the "Edit" menu to enter "Client Information" only contained the Birth Year for each beneficiary. It now matches the same input structure (full birthdate) that appears in the Client Inputs section of the program.  
    • Net Distributions Presentation Report:  There was an issue if the number of years of the analysis resulted in a final year for which the 10-year rule (SECURE Act) had not completed. A workaround was to use the computed number of years instead of manually entering the number of years. This issue only impacted this report.
    • UI/UX Experience: Several minor cosmetic changes were made to the program to enhance the user experience (boldness, font consistency, etc.).

Version 2020.11 (Released 06/11/2020)

  • Non-spouse beneficiaries now use a full birthdate, instead of just the year (required for rule where beneficiary is no more than 10 years younger than owner).

  • Improved Installation functionality

  • Bug fix: When Spouse is named beneficiary but does not Rollover the IRA, 10 year rule when spouse dies was not in effect when the spouse dies after 2019.

  • When multiple non-spouse beneficiaries are entered, and separate accounts is not designated, the software uses the conservative approach that if just one beneficiary does not qualify as exempt, then none qualify (using the Oldest Beneficiary).

Version 2020.10 (Released 04/17/2020)

  • CARES Act Update - allows for user to select to skip 2020 RMD or calculate it
  • Fixed an issue with a 3d chart not rendering in a PDF
  • AFR optimization when retrieving the file from Brentmark server
  • Fixed an issue where the plan owner dies before 2020, and the beneficiary (non spouse, or spouse that does not rollover) also dies prior to 2020.

Version 2020.00 (Released 01/27/2020)

  • SECURE Act Update.
  • All beneficiaries have new inputs for disabled, legal minor child
  • On the 'Assumptions' popup, added the ability to amortize the 10 year payout or pay full in 10th year. 
  • 2020 Income and Estate Tax adjustments have been added.
  • The State Death Tax Manager has been updated to include the latest State Death Tax Manager Data File released on 01/20/2020.
  • Changes were made to include 2020 adjustments for NY, HI, ME, and RI.
  • Added Brentmark News Channel
  • Several minor other changes


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